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At Discuss Diets, our amazing team of people approach each article we review and every concept we discuss–diets, weight loss programs, nutrition philosophies, products, and services–with a passion for health, and a desire to uncover the truth so we can share that information with you. Our goal is to have an on-going discussion on diets, nutrition, fitness, healthy recipes, supplements, and anything else related to your overall wellness.

In case you didn’t know:  You can’t pay someone to do your pushups for you.

In other words, you can’t delegate your health over to some “magic pill” or 21-day detox program. At Discuss Diets, we try to remind you in every aritcle we write, and every product we review, that getting in the habit of eating right, and exercising regularly is the only true way to keep the weight off, and be healthy longterm.

We always aim for transparency, which is why it’s important to mention that we sometimes edit or moderate user comments on this site. Please check out our Review Guidelines, where we discuss how comments get edited.

Also, it’s important to note that none of the advice or comments on our site should be taken as medical advice.  Take a look at our Medical Disclaimer if you’ve got any questions about this.

In order to bring you on-going information, we fund the site through Amazon affiliate commissions. On average, out of every 200 visitors our site gets, 1 of them will click through and buy a product we’ve reviewed. This is how we keep the site running, and we want to be completely upfront with you about this.


Our Guiding Principles

Our philosophy regarding weight loss and dieting is backed by scientific studies and tons of evidence. While there are many different types of diets on the market, we believe that eating real food, in controlled portions, ideally combined with exercise, is the backbone to sustianing weight loss and living heatlhy. This is why we’re quick to point out that any of the supplements we review–whether our findings are positive or negative–are considered just that…supplements.  Your regular diet is the most important factor in your weight and your overall health.

Here’s what a typical diet looks like:

  1. Adopt a set of rules that restrict the way you eat (Paleo, Keto, Low-Calorie, etc.)
  2. Become fixated on the foods you’re not eating
  3. Relapse and eat an excessive amount of those restricted foods
  4. Re-gain the weight you lost
  5. Rinse and repeat

And it’s this pattern that keeps you searching for the next diet, the next weight loss program, the next magic pill.

But instead of eating by a set of rules—such as only counting calories while not a considering the type of calories you’re consuming—a successful diet means getting in the habit of eating real food.

When all you’re eating is real food, then you don’t have to focus on losing weight because your body will revert to its natural weight by default.

At Discuss Diets, our guiding values are as follows:

  • Eat real food
  • Limit, and ideally, avoid eating processed foods
  • Don’t’ become fixated on one particular nutrition philosophy, such as counting calories, or eat anything as long as it doesn’t contain gluten
  • Do not rely on a magic pill or weight loss program to do the job for you
  • Being at an ideal weight is important, but if you focus first on eating right, and exercising to be healthy, weight loss will come naturally
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At the end of the day, our goal is to help you realize that the best way to lose weight and be healthy is to get in the habit of eating smart and exercising regularly. And it’s important to remember that supplements—pills, powders, and programs—are only meant to supplement your healthy habits.

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