At Discuss Diets, we are committed to making our site accessible to everyone. Our website will accommodate people with any & all variations in vision, movement, cognition, as well as hearing ability.

Our philosophy is that the internet should provide an equal opportunity to spread information across the world. Peoples’ ability to have, share, and access information is paramount to a growth-minded society. This is why we’re dedicated to sharing knowledge in a non-discriminative way, to people across the spectrums of social statuses, color, orientations, and varying circumstances.

Here’s how we achieve this:

  • We Follow Best practices: We set standards of procedures, and continually monitor and adjust them accordingly.
  • Team Dedication: Our website is controlled and regularly audited by our team of amazing people, from content creators to web designers and developers.
  • Frequent Reviews: On a quarterly basis, we evaluate our standards of procedures in order to keep up with current technological advancements.


Have an issue with our site?

If for some reason you have trouble with accessing or using any area of our site, please reach out and let us know. If possible, include screenshots of the issue, the URL to the page you’re having issues with, and any other useful information that might help us address the problem. We encourage our readers to interact with us, so that we can get to know their needs better, which will allow us to enhance their user experience even more.

Please email: [email protected]


For additional information, please check out:
U.S. Federal accessibility guidelines
Accessibility Guidelines For Web Content

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