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One of the most difficult parts about trying to lose weight is getting past feeling hungry all the time. Diet pills are marketed to dieters with the big promise of banishing hunger (among other things) so they can stay on track but not all diet pills are created equal. Our research team hunted down some of the most popular diet pills out there and reviewed them focusing on the benefits of the ingredients, scientific research, anecdotal evidence, and side effects. You should always know exactly what you’re putting in your body and the potential outcomes, good and bad, of any product. Get the facts with our diet pill reviews.

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Cellucor Super HD Review: What You Need to Know

Cellucor Super HD Review: What You Need to Know

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Cellucor SuperHD Review:  All You Need to Know Before You Buy

Cellucor SuperHD Review: All You Need to Know Before You Buy

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What are Diet Pills?
Diet pills are sold in both herbal and medical varieties. The entire idea behind diet pills is generally two-fold. The first promise is the pill will curb hunger enough to decrease calorie intake which will promote weight loss. The second promise that most medical pills make is an increase in energy which will encourage positive mood and motivation to exercise.

Herbal pills include things like fiber, glucomannan, and caffeine which have all shown to have a positive effect on weight loss; however, they may carry side effects or a finite amount of success. The diet market is overloaded with literal thousands of products making claims that they are successful in curbing hunger, but very few have the clinical data to support their claims.

Bottom Line on Diet Pills
There are two types of diet pills – herbal pills and prescription pills. In regard to the herbal alternatives you are getting a natural solution to hunger, if you choose one that has scientific backup such as glucomannan. While prescription medications have the science and results to back them up, there are usually long lists of possible side effects to consider.

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