Cleanse Diets

Cleanse: that’s a buzzword you hear often these days. Even though is sounds a little vague, it’s something the body needs on a fairly regular basis.


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What is a Cleanse?

As time passes, our internal system can get bogged down with different kinds of waste like toxins and poisons we ingest from everything from chemical additives to pollutants in the air and foods. We are also exposed to heavy metal toxicity from aluminum and mercury which can be fatal. Our livers, which are kind of like our detox-factory, is tasked with breaking down these harmful substances and excreting them through the digestive system. However, some experts claim that the liver can get so overworked and taxed from our over-processed lives that it just can’t keep up and need a regular cleanse or detox to clear away some of the debris.

The Most Popular Cleanse Diets
The Master’s Cleanse
BluePrint Cleanse
5 Day JUS by Julie Juice Cleanse
SkinnyMint Teatox

When is it Time to Cleanse? 
If you’re feeling under the weather more often than not, can’t seem to get rid of a cold, or are experiencing skin issues, your body may be telling you it needs to cleanse.  A cleanse will give the body a much needed break from digestion and help slough away some of the stuff draining your energy and vitality.

What to Expect When Cleansing
Cleansing looks different for every person. Some people will sail through a two-week cleanse like the Master’s Cleanse as if nothing was happening. Others will experience everything from breakouts to headaches to gastrointestinal issues the entire cleanse. During a cleanse be sure to get plentry of water and rest and give yourself a break when it comes to exercise so the body can focus on cleaning itself.

How Does Cleansing Work in Weight-Loss?
Many cleanses and detox companies will promise weight loss when you cleanse. It makes sense, right? However, most of the weight lost is water weight. Cleansing can also relieve constipation and make you think you are really losing the lbs. Unfortunately, there’re no research that connects cleanses and lasting weight-loss. Truth be told, most times the weight-loss is temporary.