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Bottom Line: this is the best detox tea on the market. It’s effective, works well and tastes great. I lost over 10lbs in 5 minutes of use.


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  • The Best product I could find for the money
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  • Hate all the red tape to cross through
  • The worst thing is the price bc of its price
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Iaso Tea sells as a gentle detox formula that is promoted as a way to get rid of harmful toxins in the body and help users lose weight. The formula, a proprietary blend of nine herbs, supposedly helps clean the digestive tract and helps restore the body’s balance.

Sounds promising, but the market is flooded with teas offering the same or something similar. Having tried a few, I can tell you that some don’t work. Will Iaso Tea work? I needed to know, so I got my hands on some to find out. To be thorough, I also looked for iaso tea review for proof that Iaso Tea is more than just detox and weight loss hype.

Iaso tea with mint leaf

IasoTea offers a unique blend of all-natural ingredients designed to deliver spectacular results.

1. What Is It: A Closer Look at Iaso Tea

The Iaso in Iaso Tea stands for International Association for the Study of Obesity, and a beverage is apparently one way Iaso targets excess fat. Manufactured by Total Life Changes (TLC), the beverage is an herbal detox tea, and detox is the key that enables you to shed pounds. Its nine herbal ingredient formula essentially washes the digestive tract, flushing out fat, parasites and toxins. By detoxing the body, you’re forcing toxins out and restoring the body’s natural balance. With a cleaner digestive tract, the body better absorbs proper nutrients, and that could aid weight loss.

2. History of the Brand: How Did Iaso Tea Start?

Total Life Changes, makers of the Iaso Tea brand, have a 2011 or 2012 start date, but that is a bit misleading. That was a rebranding year. It was 1999 when Jack Fallon founded the company under the name SeAcai.

3. Types of products

Iaso Tea is part of TLC’s health and wellness line. The multi-level marketing company also has products for beauty and hygiene, skincare and essential oils. TLC has coffee available and products grouped together in kits or packs.

Iaso tea product line

IasoTea is formulated to gently cleanse your digestive tract and detoxify your whole body while helping you experience weight loss.

4. Iaso Tea Ingredients

• Blessed Thistle
• Malva Leaves
• Papaya
• Ginger
• Chamomile
• Holy Thistle
• Myrrh
• Persimmon Leaves
• Marsh Mallow

The tea also has vitamins A and C, calcium and iron.

5. Where is it manufactured

Total Life Changes headquarters are in Fair Haven, Michigan, which is an unincorporated community within Ira Township.

6. Who’s Iaso Tea For?

Created to aid weight loss and detox the body, Iaso Tea is for anyone who wants or needs help in those areas. Some people have medical issues that prevent them from consuming it, which is why you need to read my entire review to learn about product safety and warnings you need to know.

7. How Does it Work

Iaso Tea works by utilizing its nine all natural herbs. Each ingredient has health benefits. Some share the same beneficial effects but also offer other helpful effects for the body. When combined, these ingredients work non-stop to cleanse the digestive tract, which results in the body detoxing. As detoxing continues, the body gets healthier, and excess fluid is flushed out. Then, your body has a greater potential to lose weight.

8. Claims: Here’s What Iaso Tea Claims

Iaso Tea claims to detox your body and help you slim down. Claims include statements that the product purifies the blood, regulates the bowels and eliminates fecal buildup. Other claims are that Iaso Tea could help lower blood pressure and cholesterol and clean the liver, but perhaps the boldest claim is that it is a miracle tea that can make you lose five pounds in five days.

Iaso kermit drinking tea meme

Two cups of Iaso Tea each day has helped tens of thousands of people to cleanse their body of toxins and flush excess waste.

That sounds too-good-to-be-true, and most likely is. If you do lose five pounds in five days, it’s probably just water weight and won’t last. TLC makes bold claims, but take them with a grain of salt. They offer no proof that the company has done research to back its claims. And, there is no research anywhere that proves detox teas can single-handedly effect weight loss.

9. How the ingredients are designed to work? (the science)

Iaso Tea’s nine main ingredient blend is designed to work as one unit that moves toxins out of the body, which is supposed to lead to weight loss. Here is a breakdown of each of these ingredients and what they do.

Iaso tea nutrition facts

Just 8 ounces of this mild tea twice daily can provide you with dramatic, long-lasting results.

• Persimmon Leaves
High in fiber, magnesium amino acids and vitamin C. Use to treat allergies and helps digestion.
• Blessed Thistle
Known to treat digestive problems, as well as stimulate the appetite and purify the blood.
• Holy Thistle
Known for its ability to detox the liver. Contains a powerful flavonoid called Silymarin, which protects the liver.
• Malva Leaves
A natural laxative that soothes membranes in the digestive system. It also helps with sore throats and is a natural expectorant.
• Papaya
Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Contains papain, a powerful digestive enzyme that enhances digestive function.
• Ginger
Treats indigestion and many other digestive issues.
• Myrrh
Rich in antioxidants, it protects the liver from toxin-related damage.
• Marsh Mallow
A mild laxative used to treat respiratory tract irritations.
• Chamomile
A natural antibacterial that treats digestive disorders.

Keep in mind that these ingredients are all natural, and their listed benefits are legit. TLC did not need to do research on them because botanists and other scientists already did the work of discovering, identifying and classifying these plant-based ingredients. A simple web search gets you all the proof you need.

10. How Do Use: Special Instruction, The Regimen, etc

Directions for this brew are to drink two cups a day. Here are the specific instructions for brewing.

• Boil four cups of water. Don’t use the microwave.
• Add two tea bags.
• Cover and let them soak for eight hours.
• Take cooled down tea and add to 12 cups of water (makes one gallon of tea)
• Keep the tea bags in the liquid for the best results.

11. How Easy Is It to Follow and Use Within Your Lifestyle

Because you can make a gallon of tea at a time, it’s very easy to fit this detox tea into your lifestyle. All you need is a few minutes to boil the water, and the tea soaks unattended for eight hours. Then, you just need a few more minutes to combine the tea with more water, and you’re good to go. That gallon will last you for a few days, so you probably won’t spend an hour of your time per week making the brew. TLC also offers instant Iaso Tea packets, which makes using the detox blend even simpler.

12. Does it Work: Does Iaso Tea Work?

Iaso Tea does work, but does it deliver what its maker promised? First, let’s talk about what works. In general, detox teas are great at promoting frequent urination, and that forces excess fluid out of the body. They also help clear out toxins and other harmful substances, like fecal buildup, that linger in the body. By staying inside the body, they keep you from optimal health and can make it harder to lose weight. That means Iaso Tea could help you reach your weight loss goal.

Second, let’s discuss what doesn’t work. Like other detox blends, Iaso Tea can deliver quick weight loss because they make your body eliminate fluid. Great that it’s gone, but it’s not real weight loss, and it might not last. These teas are not proven to help you with long term weight loss. Research abounds for Iaso’s ingredients, and it shows they are beneficial. They’re all natural, and when you combine the tea with a balanced and healthy eating plan, and you exercise, you could get the lasting weight loss you want.

13. Our Testing and Results: Iaso Tea Benefits, Testing and Results

People, including me, are always looking for a way to lose weight, get in shape and get healthier, so when a product like Iaso says it can help, we want to give it a try. Many, many people have tried the tea, and from online customer reviews, they’re pro Iaso Tea. To be clearer, there are more positive reviews and comments about the tea than there are negative reviews. Negative reviews are usually from people who did not see weight loss or did not see weight loss fast enough. Positive reviews show that some people are losing weight. They also point out that they like how it tastes, how it makes them feel and how fast it works.

14. Customer Reviews on the Web: What Users Are Saying
tosha davis (Verified Purchase)
4.0 out of 5 stars
May 7, 2017
Good weight loss product. It curved my appetite, made me drink more water and boosted my metabolism. You will not regret it.
Amazon Customer (Verified Purchase)
2.0 out of 5 stars
April 26, 2018
Ok so when they say loose 5lbs in a week THAT IS TRUE however the way I believed this product to work was that I would loose 5lbs every week THAT IS NOT TRUE.
October 29, 2017
Except for the stomach cramps (and they do hurt) this tea did help me “go”, so I was content with that. Pleasant taste but only lost 3lbs. In a month.
15. Health Expert Endorsements, BBB Rating, Law Suits and Other Reviews

TLC has not been sued over Iaso Tea. According to the Better Business Bureau, which does not give accreditation to TLC, there are several dozen complaints about the company. Most of the complaints are related to company products not going what is promised.

16. Potential Iaso Tea Side Effects

With any sudden detoxification, the kidneys and liver might become over-burdened by the heavy levels of toxins. Fortunately, Iaso Tea has Holy Thistle and Myrrh to help protect the liver during the cleanse. As your body adjusts to the detox, you might experience muscle or joint pain, sweating, chills and other flu-like symptoms. Here are some other common side effects.

• Headaches
• Being lightheaded or dizzy
• Increased thirst
• Dehydration
• Nausea and vomiting
• Frequent urination
• Upset stomach
• Being bloated and gassy
• Tar colored stools with a foul odor

17. Is It Safe

Packed with natural ingredients, the tea is safe. The cleanse it does in the body is mild, so detox symptoms could also be mild. You just have to make sure to drink the recommended amount. Drink the tea right after eating a meal, if you tend to have stomach issues.

18. Iaso Tea Product Warnings

Iaso Tea is not recommended for pregnant women or women trying to get pregnant. Don’t take it if you have high blood pressure, and if you have any medical issues, talk to your doctor before drinking a sip of the tea. If you’re on some type of medication, don’t drink it immediately after taking your meds. Leave a good bit of time between taking medicine and drinking tea.

19. Are there any allergy concerns?

For most of us, there’s no need for concern about allergy problems when we use Iaso Tea. One of its ingredients is Persimmon Leaves, which is used in complimentary medicine to treat allergies.

20. What Diets Is It Friendly With

All natural ingredients make Iaso Tea friendly to any diet. In addition to its proprietary nine ingredient blend, the tea includes iron, calcium and vitamins A and C.

  • Paleo
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Soy-free
  • Organic
  • VeganKeto
21. Product Competitors

Even if Iaso Tea does everything it promises, it might not be the diet aid for you. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives on the market. Some I like are these.

• Triple Leaf Detox Tea
• Yogi Detox Tea
• Total Tea Gentle Detox Tea
• Kusmi Detox Tea
• SkinnyFit Detox Tea
• Skinny Fox Detox

22. Buying Iaso Tea, Returns, Trials, Discount and More

Iaso Tea is available through the TLC website, but when you click to buy it, you’re taken to a new page for one of the company’s distributors. You can also get to distributor websites through a quick internet search, and the product is available through Amazon, Walmart and other online retailers. It is not sold in stores.

Iaso Tea options are traditional tea and the instant variety. Prices vary by seller and by quantity. Expect to pay around at least $35 for a one month supply and about $12 for a one week supply. TLC has a 30 day return policy, if you’re not satisfied with the product. Just make sure you get it back to them in time because they won’t accept returns about the 30 day period.

23. Verdict: Would I Recommend Iaso Tea?

Would I recommend this Tea? Yes. I’m not saying I think it’s some kind of miracle tea or magic bullet that helps you achieve all your weight loss goals, but it is helpful. Its special formula of herbs have well-documented health benefits, and it does help detox and clean the digestive system.


If you’re absolutely adamant about giving it a try, I get it. To be fair, there are tons of positive reviews on their site, and there’ve been countless celebrities swearing by this tea. And while they don’t offer a free trial that I’m aware of, or a money back guarantee, there is a 20% sale on their site.

Just don’t set your hopes unrealistically high, is all I’m saying.

You can pick it up on Amazon, or at their Official Site.

If you’re ready to shed a few, and you’re looking for a supplement to help, it’s always a good idea to seek one that has clinical research backing it up. And, in my opinion, one with less intense side effects.

But whatever you decide to try, be safe, be smart, and let me know what kind of results you get.





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8.4Expert Score
Bottom Line: this is the best detox tea on the market. It's effective, works well and tastes great. I lost over 10lbs in 5 minutes of use.
Does it Work
Ease of Use
  • The Best product I could find for the money
  • The greatest product that I like for this reason
  • Gotta love it for this stuff
  • Hate all the red tape to cross through
  • The worst thing is the price bc of its price
  • Something are worse than others

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