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2.99 4.99 Buy It Now

Grab Your True Lemon Coupon Code (Use It Today For 40% Off)

True Citrus coupon code offers are active for a limited time only. If you have a health, fitness or wellness goal, you’re not alone. Millions of people just like you need to drink more water to gain well-known health benefits to the digestive system, skin, metabolism and so much more. Act now and you can save BIG on this True Citrus deal for a True Lemon coupon code. Stock up and save on the items for a 40% discount.

True Citrus’ Company has many products that live up to the true promise of True Lemon: Made with simple & clean ingredients. All True Citrus products are made from real citrus with natural flavors and no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Customer reviews show that drinking more water with True Lemon travel packets is easy. The on-the- go packers deliver health benefits including hydration, energy, metabolism, weight loss and more!

True Lemon delivers most of the benefits of drinking lemon water without any fuss of juicing. Unlock immediate savings when you apply SHOP40. True Lemon Coupon Codes won’t last forever. Use yours today and save 40%!*

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary. 

Get Your True Lemon Coupon Here (Save BIG Today!)

Activate the link and save on True Citrus items now with your exclusive one time offer. Simply apply the code to the offer box during checkout to take advantage of this valid discount. With the discount code you can save big, today on what’s good for you: more water. If you have a headache, want to lose weight, have a craving – you probably need more water. The good news True Citrus is happy hydration in a variety of flavors you can love like True Lemon, True Lemonade and True Lime packets.

The True Citrus discount code is good as long as the savings are available so save BIG, today! Act quickly to verify this exclusive promo code deal, today! Use your code at checkout and shop True Lemon Drink in any refreshing, smooth flavor. 

While everyone has different results with True Lemon Drink, most customer reviews report the same effects. The main benefits of True Lemon Drink include a burst of energy, less mental fatigue, lasting-energy, a boost to your metabolism and less stress.*


True Lemon is the easiest way to drink more water. Perfect for anyone who wants to enhance their water in a range of flavors like True Lemon energy and True Lime. True Lemon Drink could replace the cup of coffee in your morning routine – with under 5 calories! 

Rev-up your juice and smoothie recipes, your workout or your morning routine. True Lemon is shown in many customer reviews to deliver health benefits including energy, cleansing and immunity. Experts know that weight loss is possible with balanced blood sugar levels – another main benefit of lemon water.


You may not know, it’s the science-backed ingredients that are the force behind True Lemon that make it more than just a water enhancer. Here is how True Lemon works to deliver health benefits beyond just what water can do.

  • Essential Oil. essential oil is rich in bioactive monoterpenoids such as D-limonene, β-pinene, γ-terpinene. Clinically proven therapeutic activities of C. limon include anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antiparasitic activities.
  • Lemon Juice. Lemons are a natural source of flavonoids which are bioactive compounds with many health-related functions linked to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Beyond that, polyphenol antioxidants from lemons have been associated with neuroprotective benefits for mental energy and a sharp mind. 
  • Vitamins & Minerals. The nutrients from lemon include several vitamins and minerals including Vitamin B6 and potassium. This citrus fruit offers a good source of antioxidant Vitamin C – a nutrient directly linked to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

*All individuals are unique. The Food and Drug Administration daily recommendation of water is an important suggestion to follow. Your results can and will vary. There are no special requirements for promotional codes.


True Citrus created a limited number of discount codes for a few lucky customers to save 40% on True Lemon. To unlock this special promotional price, click on the offer, and complete your purchase directly on the True Lemon Company website. Or you can simply use the link and apply the savings code: SHOP40 at checkout. Printable coupons for discounts range in the amount of savings.

It’s easy to use this True Citrus Code during checkout. Just access the verified discount codes at the time of checkout to get True Lemon Energy packets at a one time discount. Any True Lemon Store Coupon is good for a LIMITED TIME.

*All rights reserved for True Citrus discount code link. Official coupons are subject to change for printable coupons and promo codes active on True Lemon Company products.


Unlike some brands, True Citrus is a company that stands behind all sales from the website. If you receive this coupon simply apply it at checkout to the total in your shopping cart. Then, check for free shipping in your area on your order as the True Lemon Store offers ongoing free shipping in some areas for the website.

If you have any questions, call the True Citrus consumer relations department toll-free number at 1-844-588-8783 or email at [email protected]. True Lemon Company creates promo codes active with immediate savings.

Active coupons for True Citrus include online coupons for loyal customers. New customers can also try this product with active coupons and promo codes active for store-wide deals. True Citrus customer services are available for every sale, and you can also use your energy of coupons for shopping bulk amounts of True Lemon drinks. If the product doesn’t work for you, get your money back by calling customer support. Be sure to save your True Citrus proof of purchase and packaging.


True Citrus lemon water enhancers are a great way to get more water into your everyday diet. Use this True Citrus Promo to try new flavors. It’s easy! Just go to the TrueCitrus website and shop with your coupon discount and use it today for 40% off the purchase price. On the website you’ll find more information on the True Lemon citrus flavors, drinks, supplements, customer reviews, and additional promotions.

Not all water enhancers are created equal and while some may support your weight loss, some brands of drink mixes or energy drink brands can fall short. True Citrus competitor coupons are not the same as on-the-go packets free from artificial sweeteners, dyes, and sugars from True Lemon. Now is the best time to try a True Citrus product – at 40% off!

You can find more discounts from True Citrus for True Lemon packets along with new discounts, printable coupons, coupon codes, promo codes, deals, and at the True Citrus website. All active codes work instantly on eligible items at the time of purchase. Beverage coupons for the True Lemon Store can be used by anyone. Ask about shipping in your area for deeper personal discounts. Try True Lemon Original, True Lemonade, True Citrus Lime and many more! 

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