7-Day Diet Meal Plan – A Surefire Way To Shed Pounds

At present, you’ll come across numerous diets out there all of which claim to help you shed pounds. One of these happens to be the 7-day diet plan which, although not very nutritional, is safe to try out for one week provided you are a healthy individual. In a nutshell, if you are searching for the best diet plan, then you must give the 7-day diet a try.

This best diet plan allows you to consume the following food items:

1. Any fruit including bananas, apples, grapes, peers and so on.

2. Any vegetable including carrots, green beans, cabbage, potatoes, spinach, etc.

3. Any meat, for example, poultry, turkey, beef, and fish.

4. Low-fat or skimmed milk.

Food items that you should refrain from consuming during this diet regime can be anything that is not listed here.

This 7-day diet plan is probably the best diet plan out there since it is appropriate for any individual who consumes plenty of grain including pasta and bread as well as sugary food items like cakes and cookies. In fact, its benefits in terms of losing weight have been verified by numerous individuals across the globe.

However, one drawback of this diet is that it will only help in short-term weight reduction although it will not lead to any unwanted side effects. One needs to be innovative while trying to make his meals tasty given that there are plenty of food items which are not permitted to consume while following this best diet plan.

It is imperative to figure out how many calories one requires, and he has to adapt the menu to his requirements. A maximum of 500 calories can be consumed while following this diet on a regular basis which will allow a person to reduce his weight by as much as 1 pound every week. One should be able to achieve this target easily by following this best diet plan strictly.

The Food Plan:

It is extremely important to stick to one’s meal plan apart from working out regularly. After following this best diet plan for 7 days one will definitely notice the difference. However, it is recommended to start this best diet plan on a weekend so that there is enough time for an individual to get prepared beforehand.

Day 1

Breakfast: Omelet prepared from egg whites and stuffed with some spinach along with several chopped mixed peppers.

Lunch: 1 grilled chicken breast, red peppers, mixed salad leaves, fresh green beans together with some olive oil.

Mid-afternoon snack: Turkey breast with one sliced cucumber.

Dinner: 100 grams of grilled chicken along with steamed broccoli.

Day 2

Breakfast: Baked chicken plus some stir-fried kale.

Lunch: Grilled chicken together with some olive oil and fresh green salad.

Mid-afternoon snack: 100 g chicken breast along with some steamed broccoli.

Dinner: 1 salmon steak with steamed green beans and sliced dill.

Day 3

Breakfast: 100 grams of smoked salmon together with spinach.

Lunch: Boiled haddock fillet along with mixed green salad plus some olive oil.

Mid-afternoon snack: 1 whole chicken breast plus half grilled courgette.

Dinner: 1 grilled steak (or a couple of cutlets) together with boiled spinach and broccoli.

Day 4

Breakfast: 1 whole egg and a couple of egg whites along with chopped tomatoes plus fresh green beans.

Lunch: Boiled cod fillet together with tomato, spinach plus some olive oil. Mid-afternoon snack: Some turkey slices along with a bit of avocado.

Dinner: 100 grams of stir-fry chicken breast prepared with some oil and green vegetables.

Day 5

Breakfast: 200 g turkey breast together with one chopped cucumber and some avocado.

Lunch: 200 g of grilled prawns along with some tomatoes and green salad, plus some olive oil.

Mid-afternoon snack: 100 grams of turkey breast plus a few almonds.

Dinner: 100 grams of chicken breast along with some boiled broccoli.

Day 6

Breakfast: 1 grilled haddock fillet together with courgettes and roasted peppers.

Lunch: 150 g of turkey along with boiled broccoli, fresh green salad, plus some olive oil.

Mid-afternoon snack: 100 g of chicken together with some pecan nuts.

Dinner: Skinless, grilled duck breast plus boiled broccoli.

Day 7

Breakfast: Omelet made from 3 egg whites, steamed spinach, and grilled tomatoes.

Lunch: 150 g of chicken breast plus fresh green salad and boiled asparagus.

Mid-afternoon snack: 150 g of chicken with 1 sliced cucumber.

Dinner: 200 g of steak along with boiled broccoli and green beans.

In case one strictly follows this 7-day diet plan which is arguably the best diet plan out there, it will be feasible for him to get the dream figure that he has always dreamt of. Dedication and sincerity are of paramount importance while sticking with this best diet plan for seeing the desired results.

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