NutriMost Review: Everything You Need To Know

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Does NutriMost aid in weight loss? Probably. It offers personalized diet plans as well as access to their all-natural supplements.

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NutriMost Review: Everything You Need To Know
NutriMost Review: Everything You Need To Know

$79.90 $39.95



Can you lose weight by melting your fat away without necessarily changing your diet or exercising? According to NutriMost, you can.

NutriMost, a wellness program, designs personalized plans for both men and women. According to the manufacturer, the program can not only get rid of stubborn fat but also aid in weight loss without a strenuous diet.

It’s proven; a customized weight loss plan can help with weight loss. However, the question remains; is it a viable plan for you and does it work?

**Important Note:  At the time of this publication, NutriMost is issuing refunds for the $32 Million class action lawsuit filed by the FTC due to the company making false weight loss claims.  It appears that the company has removed all supplements (the prominent one being their liquid weight loss drops) from their website, so in this article, we’ll only be reviewing their program, which is still available on their site.



NutriMost, a wellness program, offers personalized programs for both men each person.

1. What Is It: A Closer Look At NutriMost?


NutriMost is a weight loss program offering unique diet plans for each person. The wellness programs offer programs like NutriMost Ultimate Weight Loss and Forever. Plus, you get to work with consultants to create a diet plan suitable for your lifestyle.

The weight loss system claims to aid in a 20-pound weight loss in 70 days. Additionally, it can melt your fat away and target your tough areas without the stress of exercise and diet.

2. History of the Brand

NutriMost, founded by Dr.Ray Wisniewski, was launched in 2007. However, its popularity surged in 2014, and by 2016 the Company had over 160 clinics.

3. Claims: What the Program Offers

According to the founder, NutriMost is not your regular weight loss program. At its core, NutriMost offers;

  • Personalized food plans that include fresh food, meaning no pre-packaged food.
  • Tools for making smart choices
  • Access to consultants

Furthermore, the program guarantees that you can lose 20 pounds in 10 weeks!

4. Types of Products

NutriMost offers weight loss programs and supplements to boost your weight loss goals, and they include;

NutriMost Weight Loss

This program involves a complete evaluation of your body and its metabolism. Furthermore, you get a customized program that includes;

  • A detailed food plan with a list of recipes
  • All-natural supplements to address the nutritional deficiencies
  • A NutriMost journal to record your progress

Nutrition Forever

This all-inclusive program starts with a biometric analysis and lifestyle survey. Additionally, you get to work with a practitioner and get access to discounted nutritional supplements.

Personal Care Products

Their bath and body care products are formulated with botanicals and antioxidants.


NutriMost nutritional supplements are said to be all-natural, free of toxins and are food based. Some of the supplements include; AdrenaMost for adrenaline support, RenaMost for the kidney and HepatoMost for the liver.

Nutrimost supplements

NutriMost supplements contain all-natural products to boost your health.


5. Which Diet Works with NutriMost?

The Company recommends taking a low-calorie diet to achieve your weight loss results.

A low-calorie diet plan involves consuming between 800 and 1200 calories per day. However, as effective as these diets might be, they are not for everyone. So, ensure you first speak to your dietitian before beginning the diet plan.

The most significant drawback with the low-calorie diets is the vitamin and mineral deficiencies. That’s why NutriMost gives you supplements to meet the daily requirement.

6. Benefits and Results

NutriMost program benefits include:

  • Weight loss and nutrition plans
  • A library of recipes
  • Access to discounted supplements for addressing nutrition deficiencies
  • 24/7 consultation support

7. Does it Work?

According to the website, NutriMost works. Furthermore, they say that their clients have lost 1,342,955 pounds cumulatively.

8. Cost and Refund Program

There’s no mention of how much NutriMost weight loss system costs on their website. However, FTC says that the program costs $1,895.

What about a refund?

You are also eligible for a refund. The weight loss program guarantees that you will lose 20 pounds in 70 days. If you fail to achieve this goal within the 70 days, you will be eligible for a refund proportional to your weight loss. For example, if you lose 18 pounds, you will get a 10% refund.

9. Side effects

No reports on NutriMost side effects are available. However, you may notice effects like hunger, upset stomach, and headaches due to the low-calorie diet.

10. Alternatives

The primary competitors of NutriMost include:

  • Weight Watchers. This weight loss diet program incorporates the SmartPoints system. This program emphasizes eating lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables while avoiding sugar.
  • Nutrisystem Lean 13 or Turbo 13 is also a weight loss program that claims to aid in 13-pound weight in the first month. The program involves portion control, meaning eating small frequent meals.

11. Lawsuits

Nutrimost lawsuit

NutriMost was slapped with a lawsuit for making false claims.

In April 2017, NutriMost paid $ 32 million to settle a lawsuit filed by the US Federal Trade Commission. According to FTC, the program claims were unscientific and misleading.

12. What Customers are Saying

NutriMost is only available via their site; therefore, most of the reviews are posted on the website. Additionally, most of their testimonials are in video format.

13. Final Verdict!

According to CDC, people who lose weight gradually– one to two pounds a week have a better chance of maintaining the weight loss. According to NutriMost, you are guaranteed to lose 20 pounds in 70 days or 10 weeks (meaning you lose 2 pounds a week).

Although the program seems to be promising, I would not recommend it, not only because of the total cost but also for these reasons:

  • When the Company launched, it claimed that the program could aid in 25 to 40 pounds in 40 days (that is 0.5 to one pound a day)– a little over ambitious if you ask me. Incidentally, that is why the lawsuit was filed.
Nutrimost claims

Nutrimost claimed the program could aid in 20 to 40 pounds in 40 days.

After the lawsuit, they changed the narrative to 20-pound weight loss in 70 days. This raises a few questions; did they change the headline because they wanted to adhere to the set regulation? Or to shut down the negativity?

  • The program encourages a low-calorie diet.  A low-calorie diet is advisable for short-term weight loss. Not only does it affect your energy levels, but a low-calorie diet can also cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies (It’s not about losing weight but living a healthy lifestyle).

My recommendation; work with a dietitian and a doctor to create a unique diet plan with less confusion and side effects.  

You can enroll in the program via their official website.


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Does NutriMost aid in weight loss? Probably. It offers personalized diet plans as well as access to their all-natural supplements.
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Ease of Use
  • The programs aids in weight loss
  • It provides customized diet plans
  • 24/7 access to consultants
  • Expensive

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