Weight Loss Supplements

In the United States, more than ⅔ of adults, and nearly ⅓ of children are either overweight or obese. While that may shock you, it has certainly made it easy for the diet industry to take the world by storm, offering solutions to help you lose weight.

What are Weight Loss Supplements?
Also known as dietary supplements or weight loss pills, these products promote the promise that you’ll lose weight. Whether or not they are effective at helping you reach your goal lies in the active ingredients in the formula.

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Common Weight Loss Supplement Ingredients

Green Tea Extract
You can find this is many diet pills since it takes more than drinking a cup of tea to get the benefits. You’ll often find it combined with caffeine since it makes it more effective. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, “Green tea catechins combined with caffeine over a median of 12 weeks modestly yet significantly reduced body weight.”

Raspberry Ketones
Raspberry ketones is a chemical from red raspberries, though it can be found in other fruits. It’s used as a flavoring and fragrance agent but is thought to help boost metabolism thanks to a shout out from Dr. Oz. Research is limited to animal studies, and there’s no evidence it works in humans.

Bitter Orange
Often touted as a safer and natural alternative to the now-banned ephedra, this stimulant offers fat burning properties to help boost the metabolism. A study in the Annals of Pharmacotherapy shows, “SBP [systolic blood pressure], DBP [diastolic blood pressure], and HR [heart rate] were higher for up to 5 hours after a single dose of bitter orange versus placebo in young, healthy adults.”

Do Weight Loss Supplements Work?
The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, doesn’t regulate these supplements. However, when combined with healthy eating and exercise, many of the popular diet pills are effective at helping you reach your weight loss goals over the long term, without relying on expensive prescription drugs.